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Metro Increases Readership in Philly

Print is dead? Think again. According to a Nielsen Scarborough latest survey, the daily readership of Metro Philadelphia print edition increased by 22% year over year. This compares to a decrease of 8% for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Metro is #1 in the City of Philadelphia

This is no surprise since Metro is the highest circulated daily print newspaper in Philadelphia, with more copies than the Inquirer and the Daily News combined.

Looking at the net combined print / online, Metro Philadelphia readership increased by 29% to 229,446 daily readers, thanks to a doubling of the online readership.

Every week, Metro reaches 516,209 weekly readers in print and online or 8.0% of the greater Philadelphia population.

Every month, Metro reaches 749,023 monthly readers or 11.6% of the population.

A readership profile that’s younger and more balanced in terms of gender than competitors.

With a median age of 44 years old, Metro readership is 15 years younger than the Inquirer. 47% of Metro readers are women, compared to only 38% for the Inquirer and 35% for the Daily News.

72% of Metro readers are employed compared to only 66% for the Daily News and 59% for the Inquirer. Furthermore, Metro readers are 25% more likely to be employed full-time than the average Philadelphian.

Source: Nielsen Scarborough 2016 R1. Philadelphia, AAM / CAC QDR (Q4 2015). Average Print circulation Mon/Fri.

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