• metro readership on the rise

    Latest Nielsen Scarborough survey reveals that
    Metro US readership increased by 20% year-over-year.

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  • metropolitan (noun)

    an inhabitant of a metropolis; a person who has the sophistication, fashionable taste, or other habits and manners associated with those who live in a metropolis.

  • metromedia is a multi-platform media house focused on catering
    to the information and entertainment needs of metropolitans.

  • metromedia offers a wide range of media solutions
    across print, outdoor and digital channels.

  • metromedia reaches nearly 4 million people every month
    in new york, boston, philadelphia and beyond.

  • metro media audience is youthful, employed and aspirational.
    21-54: 69% | employed: 74% | average HHI: $84k

  • metro is the #1 free daily newspaper in the US and the 4th largest printed newspaper overall by circulation. metro has leading circulation position in new york city and center city philadelphia and boston proper.

  • metro is the #1 free daily newspaper in the world with 15 million daily readers in 20 countries. online metro websites reaches 30 million users every month.

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Metro Readership on the Rise

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