Publisher HarperCollins turned to Metro New York to drive sales of “Stick with It”, Dr. Young’s new book. The campaign featured several elements, including:

  • High impact print & frequency: 2 cover 1 & 2 ads, 2 quarter pages
  • Street marketing: street promoter vest exposure and Metro street distribution racks

Native advertising was also utilized. The native article was integrated and appeared on metro.us and across our digital network with our NativeX program.

The print campaign delivered an estimated 1.5 million adults 18+ in New York and an estimated 4.2 million gross impressions. Dr. Young’s book made it to number 1 on the Wall Street Journal best seller list!

Client testimonial:

“It is I who owe you and your team the deepest thanks. Dr. Young’s book made it to Number 1 on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List because of our nationwide campaign and made it to most desired library book because of the Metro campaign.

We were very happy to work with your team and would do it again in a heartbeat.”