Get Ready for the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is coming to Philadelphia and Metro will have it covered.

This year’s draft will be held at the Art Museum Steps April 27-29.

For the first time since 1960 the draft returns to Philadelphia, home to the inaugural NFL draft in 1936.

Metro Philly will run a “Countdown to the NFL Draft” in the days leading up to the event that will tie in sports news and features. The special coverage will begin running on Friday, April 21 culminating in a pull-out section on Thursday, April 27.

Features will include:

  • Full mock NFL draft
  • Eagles biggest boom and bust picks
  • Where to go when the draft gets boring
  • Profiles of Eagles top draft targets
  • Profiles of the top NFL prospects overall
  • ‘You’re in the NFL, so now what?’ — guide to celebrating in the city for new rookies
  • Looking back at other national sports events held in Philly
  • A look at other 14/15th overall picks in Eagles/NFL history

Did you know?

  • 44% of Metro Philadelphia readers are VERY interested in the NFL.
  • 71% are interested in the NFL (very, somewhat, a little).
  • 1 in 5 Metro New York readers are VERY interested in the NFL.
  • 1 in 2 is interested in the NFL. (very, somewhat, a little).
  • 1 in 2 Metro Boston readers is VERY interested in the NFL (index = 125)
  • 84% are interested in the NFL (very, somewhat, a little).

Source: Nielsen Scarborough 2016 R2.

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