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Motorsend: Targeted Advertising for the Automotive Industry

Rev up your sales with MotorSend targeted advertising for the automotive industry.

Our latest product offering allows for advanced targeting to reach the most relevant customers in a timely manner.

MotorSend is the leading digital and data provider for the automotive industry. Through targeted engineering, we developed the MotorSend algorithm to serve your ads to in-market buyers searching for vehicles within the past 7 days.

Our extensive database consists of the highest quality in-market shopper intelligence, allowing you to overtake your competition en-route to untapped prospects and leads.

How does it work?

  1. Target – MotorSend algorithm identifies in-market buyers searching for vehicles within the past 7 days.
  2. Reach & Remind – your ad is served to this active audience across top premium automotive websites, such as,,, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Through IP-data matching, the MotorSend program simultaneously gets your ad directly into this active audiences’ inbox and retargets those who click on your email ad 48 hours later.
  3. Drive – at the end of the program, MotorSend provides you with warm and hot leads of everyone who has opened and clicked on your email campaign. If provided by the dealer, we will do a cross match of converted sales from our program.



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