Metro On the Move

Compliment your transit advertising and increase your ROI by running with Metro Philadelphia!

Make the most of your Philly-area ad buy! Get more value for your money from your transit campaigns by running simultaneously with Metro Philadelphia.

Reap the benefits of advertising your school or business in the #1 free daily newspaper in Philadelphia. Metro’s commuting readers are already seeing some of your transit ads sporadically; now you can reach EVERY rider on EVERY regional rail to compliment your transit/outdoor ad buy! Packages are response-driven and offer wide accessibility – reach targeted professionals and students ON THE MOVE!

Metro’s “hybrid media,” the newspaper’s editorial formula and free distribution model, makes it an ideal medium for advertisers looking to reach daily commuters. With no transaction costs to the reader and racks placed in convenient areas for people to pick up on the go, Metro can be consumed in 20 minutes or less, which fits the morning commute.

By using Metro in hand with transit advertising, you can convey more information, drive up response and deliver top of mind awareness. Because people don’t have as much time or attention span as they once did, you want to be sure to reach them in as many places as you can. Metro’s “On The Move” Transit Package offers an ideal solution!

Did you know?
  • 1 in 2 Metro readers use SEPTA (subway, bus, regional rail).
  • Metro readers are TWICE more likely to be SEPTA users than the average Philadelphian.
  • Every week, Metro reaches 1 in 5, or 270,000 SEPTA commuters.

Source: Nielsen Scarborough 2016 R2. Net combined print / online. Past 7 days.


Choose from one of the following Transit Packages*:


  • Full Circulation – Bright White 4 color Wrap
  • ½ page Center Spread in paper 4 color Bright White Stock
  • 10 promoters in top locations in city handing papers to readers with designated “script” and dressed in corresponding garb (such as emblazoned with your school or business logo)
  • Promoters will also wear ad in front and back of their vests (LIVE Outdoor advertising)
  • Homepage Takeover on day of promotion
  • 100,000 impressions on


  • Regional Rail Specific Page 1 & 2 (Cover 1 & 2) 4 color Wrap
  • 50,000 circulation Regional Rail + Bonus Circ in Philadelphia County
  • 7 Promoters in top locations in the city handing the papers to readers with designated script
  • Promoters will also wear ad in front and back of their vests (LIVE outdoor Advertising)
  • Homepage Takeover on day of promotion
  • Front Page Bottom Banner on front of Metro on day of choice (must be same month and by availability)
  • 50,000 impressions on

*packages must be accepted in full to receive these incredible discounts – these rates are for Philadelphia Metro only – NY and Boston can be added for additional cost

Booking/reservation must be made 3 weeks before run date


Get in touch now to book!
For education advertising, call Lizanne Hayes
For healthcare advertising, call Jennifer Lydon

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