MetroWeen is Coming!

To celebrate Halloween this year, Metro presents MetroWeen!

A special Halloween edition of Metro will run in all three cities on Thursday, Oct. 26.

This special edition will be chock full of all the spooky happenings in Boston, New York and Philadelphia, with some extra special treats thrown in!

Features will include:

  • Maps of local Halloween parade routes showing the best hot spots to get spooky cocktails and food, costume parties and costume stores
  • Profiles on some of the best bars for Halloween weekend
  • Community influencers share their thoughts about Halloween
  • How to recover from Halloween candy sugar rush
  • Debunking the myth of razor blades in candy apples
  • Things to do with kids on Halloween
  • Experts explain our biggest fears
  • Interviews with local ghost hunters
  • And much more!

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