Introducing nativeX, Metro’s newest native product offering

Amplify your branded content across our premium network.

Take your content marketing to the next level with nativeX, our true native advertising offer.

Scale up your campaign and broadcast your content natively across nativeX’s extensive network of premium websites.

What sets nativeX apart?

Extensive Premium Network – Broadcast you content across an extensive network of well-known, quality sites such as Reader’s Digest, Newsweek and Men’s Fitness

True Native – Integrate your content seamlessly on each website and promote it within each publisher’s editorial streams for truly engaging and non-interruptive consumer experience.

Advanced Targeting – Target your content by geography, device, daypart, carrier/network and content vertical.

Guaranteed Viewable – Pay only for guaranteed viewable impressions.

Shareable – Articles are shareable on social media, generating incremental page views.

Measurable – Call to action links on articles can be tracked and measured against other digital advertising for response.

Check out an example of nativeX recently published on!


What makes native advertising so special?

  • It can be entertaining and informative while at the same time promoting a product or brand, thus further engaging the consumer.
  • It can be good journalism, such as a well written and researched article linking a specific topic to a product or brand.
  • It’s growing! A projected $8.8 billion will be spent in 2018 on native advertising.

Compared to traditional online advertising, users say native is:

  • 59% more interesting
  • 33% more trustworthy
  • 50% more informative
  • 82% more brand awareness

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