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metromedia News Roundup

A weekly roundup of media news that we think is worth knowing about.

This week: the challenge of distributed content for publishers; what media companies do best reaching Millennials; why good journalism is crucial to our democracy.

Distributed content poses new challenges for publishers

James Breiner | International Journalists’ Network

Many publishers have come to accept the notion that they need to give up some control of their content in exchange for greater distribution and some revenue from outside platforms.


Which media companies are winning the battle for Millennials?

Ken Doctor | Politico

It shouldn’t be surprising that big brands can show big Millennials numbers. More interesting is how well they do relative to each other.


Why good journalism is crucial to our democracy

Lee Hamilton | The Detroit News

Curious, skeptical journalists who point out inconsistencies, draw attention to mistakes, call out misleading statements, and identify outright lies serve a larger purpose: They provide citizens what they need to know in order to be a good citizen, and public officials what they need in order to do their work well.



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