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Make A Maximum Impact With Metro Native Products

Capture more of Metro’s audience by seamlessly integrating your advertising and content into with native advertising.

Native advertising is a customized article written by a Metro editor and has a news angle while incorporating the product or company you want to feature. The article receives premium positioning on Metro’s homepage ( for one day, then a fixed position on the city-specific site or relevant subsection site for another two days, racking up a minimum of 55k impressions.

The article continues to live forever on, will be searchable on the site and will also appear in Google search results. This allows it to continue gaining impressions and attention after the initial promotional period.

What are the benefits?

  • Build your credibility by incorporating your marketing message into editorial content.
  • Continuously increase impressions over time with a permanent and shareable link.
  • Gauge response with URL analytics.

Native advertising is the ideal complement to any display/print campaign and will ensure increased visibility of your message.

See the different options available and which one is right for you.



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