Get to Know Metro: Natasha Cuomo

Many of the region’s most talented publishers, marketing directors, writers and editors work for Metro. Here is just one of the many members of the Metro family: Natasha Cuomo, Account Executive at Metro Boston.

Born and raised in Boca Raton, FL., Natasha moved to New England 17 years ago. She started in the financial industry working as a negotiator in litigations, then opened a couple small businesses. One was a high designer online fashion boutique store and the other was a travel company. She recently made the switch to sales, starting at Metro Boston in early March.

In her free time, Natasha loves playing tennis, racquet ball, hiking, traveling, sightseeing, white water rafting, kayaking, and loves history and different cultures. Last but not least, she comes from a big Sicilian family and she doesn’t know what she would do without them.

We caught up with her for a quick interview after her first few weeks at Metro.

What are your first impressions of Metro?

My first impression of Metro was the sense of connectedness throughout the company. I noticed that the company is very adaptive and willing to change and grow. This made me excited since many companies continue to stay in place rather than move forward with change and trends. Metro is innovative, competitive, and eager to stand a part. These are all traits that I can fully relate to, therefore very excited to be a part of Team Metro!

How can Metro help clients reach a new audience?

By continuing to spread ourselves through brand awareness. Using the power of technology will allow us to reach as many prospects in all markets. As we continue to strengthen our SEO, and continue to market ourselves through digital platforms, we can share our ability to stay innovative and effective in our advertising strategies.

Why is it important to advertise in print as well as online?

Because print is our foundation and online helps expand reach in campaign efforts. Digital should always be used as an additional tool to enhance a campaigns objective.

What kinds of solutions are available for your education clients to promote their business?

Education is a niche market but very much thriving – it’s needed but competitive as well. We offer our monthly Ed Guide, UniversitySend, and SmartMail as ways to create that separation and distinction. Metro can also add branding campaigns through our street team to create a more interactive campaign. I believe the sky is the limit and we really have the ability to be as creative as we would like. People like creative in my experience. They want something that effectively targets their demo audience, and they want to set themselves apart from everyone else. Especially their competition.

Where do you see advertising going in the future?

I believe a lot of it will be online but utilizing a more personalized approach will be the future. Anything interactive where people feel they can connect. Metro’s model makes them unique in what they do. I don’t believe print will be dead in our market format anytime soon, but I do believe we will be seeing a lot more digital campaigns coming in.

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