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Get to Know Metro: Mark Bonanni

Many of the region’s most talented publishers, marketing directors, writers and editors work for Metro. Here is just one of the many members of the Metro family: Mark Bonanni, Director of Healthcare Advertising.

Mark Bonanni has been a with Metro US for four years. In his spare time he enjoys working out, traveling and going on Netflix binges.

You’re Metro’s connection to the health care community. How has that business changed in recent years?

I think the medical community would agree that the biggest change in healthcare in the last couple years has been the Affordable Care Act.

We’ve seen huge influx of uninsured and underinsured people now covered and able to seek care that in the past they couldn’t afford. Healthcare is the largest local advertising category at Metro and continues to expand as facilities and doctors recognize not only the ability to provide care to a greater number of people but also that a greater number of people need to know what type of care is available to them.

How is Metro reaching the audience that health care companies want to reach?

Metro reaches young, affluent, working and insured, New Yorkers when they are a virtually captive audience with the newspaper. These are people not only concerned with their health and quality of life but also with looking their best.

In addition, since Metro is a fully equipped digital company, we can target and reach any audience on any device outside of the reach of the paper. Repetition is key in advertising and to deliver that repetition in the paper and online serves a powerful and lasting impression on readers. They might not always need a doctor, but when they do they instinctively know whom to call.

How can online advertising bring new customers to a health care business?

Unlike casting a wide net to capture a fair fraction of readers who can benefit from specific types of care, online advertising allows specific and accurate audience targeting to reach people more likely to need the service you provide. With data and browsing habits collected, we have a reasonable idea of the specific person consuming content.

If a hospital has a program targeting specifically mothers for prenatal care, we can deliver that audience, even only in the hospital’s vicinity. The capabilities are really amazing and very effective. But never forget the core!  The newspaper still delivers amazing response. In no other category is response so important and we deliver on all fronts.

What do you see is the future of Metro?

In the last couple years, we’ve seen a sort of digital mania taking away from print to an extent. Recently and going forward, I think we’re starting to see that ‘digital only’ buys are not nearly as effective so the trend is customers that moved away from print are coming back to it.

Metro still puts more papers daily in more readers hands than any of the paid papers in New York City. And it is still very effective. Since the launch of MetroX (digital reach extension), advertisers are finally seeing the value of a multi-pronged approach to advertising and finding that working with one company, that is able to deliver both tremendous digital and print media expertise, is not only convenient but highly effective to grow and increase their business.


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