Bloomberg talks Climate Change for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, Metro sat down with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg to talk about climate change. Bloomberg serves as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, and is part of a group of business and policy leaders who have commissioned studies to help businesses prepare for rising tides and unexpected droughts, called the Risky Business Project.


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Metro Celebrates Earth Day

To mark Metro’s commitment to Earth Day and all things green, we have partnered up with Earth Day Initiative New York (6 years running) to promote innovative green ideas from forward-thinking people. We’ve invited celebrities like Ian Somerhalder, Bill Nye and Adrian Grenier to weigh in on the environmental issues that matter most. There is an Op-ed from John Oppermann, the executive director of Earth Day Initiative New York. You can also find original Metro content focusing on biodiversity, a sharing economy and the Earth benefits of a vegetarian diet. Check out the content in-paper or online and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to gain access to all of our Metro green coverage.

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How Metro created media history

– Has this ever been done before?
– No…
– Great – Let´s do it!

This is how it all began: in an office in Stockholm, winter 1994. Three journalists – Pelle Anderson, Robert Braunerhielm and Monica Lindstedt – could hardly believe their ears. After countless Swedish banks, money lenders, investors and media companies had declined their proposal, somebody had finally said yes. His name was Jan Stenbeck, Chairman of the Kinnevik Group.

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Discover Cambridge Magazine hits the Streets

Cambridge may not be the state’s biggest city, but it more than pulls its weight as a destination, with a wealth of gourmet restaurants, cool bars and hip music venues. (Oh, and one or two world class universities.) That means there are an awful lot of smart people hanging around, and often starting up some very cool companies.

Learn all about a few of them, as well as all the places you can eat, drink and sing your way to life as a happy Cantabridgian.

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Watch Metro TV

At Metro, we don’t only write stories, we shoot them!

Check out our exclusive video interview with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad of “The Wedding Ringer” by Ned Ehrbar, Metro US exclusive correspondent in Hollywood.

Watch more exclusive and funny videos on Metro TV!

At Metro, we don’t only write stories, we shoot them!