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monday: career and education

higher education | technical & vocational schools
seasonal camp / school guides | jobs | talents

tuesday: wellbeing

fitness trends | health news
beauty | healthy food 

wednesday: home and real estate

home design & decorating
real estate | diy

thursday: things to do

going out: restaurants, bars, cultural events | staying in: tv, books,
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friday: weekend

exclusive interviews with stars
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special sections & magazines

metro guide

highlights Philly's unique neighborhoods showcasing restaurants,
galleries, bars, clubs, boutiques, retail shops, and more

boston celtics magazine

go behind the scenes with content
straight from the team in this special magazine, distributed in metro!

fall arts guide

metro’s seasonal special section featuring
dance, performing arts, music and more

summer fun guide

an all-access magazine to your city's summer favorites,
including seasonal dining, events, arts, and more.

earth day edition

a special edition of metro in partnership
with earth day initiative