Webster Bank


To promote their expansion throughout greater Boston, Webster Bank came to Metro Boston to help get the word out. The objective was to generate buzz and create awareness for the Webster Bank by activating a street team effort in Boston. Brand Ambassadors distributed copies of the day’s Metro Boston, which featured a Webster Bank cover wrap, along with a Webster Bank giveaway item.


Locations: Boston

  1. Copley Square
  2. Downtown Crossing
  3. Harvard Square


Some comments the brand ambassadors received include:

“I love Webster Bank! The people are so nice at my branch! I will recommend them to anyone!”

“I’m on my way to Webster Bank now! Cool to see you guys out here!”

“Webster Bank, I’ll check you guys out! I hope you offer better service than my current bank!”


Metro once again capitalized on its exclusive local coverage to create awareness and generate buzz about Webster Bank’s expansion.