How Metro created media history

– Has this ever been done before?
– No…
– Great – Let´s do it!

This is how it all began: in an office in Stockholm, winter 1994. Three journalists – Pelle Anderson, Robert Braunerhielm and Monica Lindstedt – could hardly believe their ears. After countless Swedish banks, money lenders, investors and media companies had declined their proposal, somebody had finally said yes. His name was Jan Stenbeck, Chairman of the Kinnevik Group.

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Celebrating 20 years of Metro

On February 13, 1995, Metro launched its first ever free newspaper edition in Stockholm. Twenty years on, the newspaper has expanded across the globe to become the world’s largest global newspaper with over 20 million readers.

Sakari Pitkänen, a former long-time employee of Metro, who since the mid-1990s served as editor of Metro Stockholm and then global editor-in-chief of Metro International, tells us the success story of the worldwide media group.

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