Print’s Not Dead Yet!

Despite popular opinion, print is still a highly effective advertising medium.

The rise of digital media doesn’t necessarily spell doom for more traditional forms.

According to the fourth annual FedEx Office Signs of the Times national small business survey, 53% of businesses surveyed plan to undertake traditional marketing and advertising efforts, and 35% will use online and printed collateral.

Though many brands and businesses have embraced digital marketing channels as part of their strategy, print still wins more consumer trust than online advertising.

What makes print work?

  • Memorable – People tend to retain more information when they read it on paper.
  • Physical – People can hold on to printed materials, long after they initially read them, extending the length of the campaign.
  • Credible – Print lends a air of legitimacy. When seeing a printed ad, people don’t worry about spam or malware the way they might when clicking on a banner ad on a website.
  • Targeted – You can better tailor your advertising to reach the consumers you want running your ad in select publications.

So be sure to incorporate print in your next advertising campaign strategy! Whether alone or combined with digital elements, it’s sure to expand your product or brand’s reach and deliver maximum results.

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