Metro worked with the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference to raise awareness and promote the conference. Metro Philadelphia ran a cover 1+2 the day before the conference opened, had a table at the convention center to hand out copies of the paper, and ran a special 8-page section all about issues relating to trans health and wellness.

The marketing campaign consisted of:

  • Cover 1 +2 in Metro Philadelphia on August 1
  • Special 8-page section devoted to trans health and wellness – check it out here!
  • Metro Account Executive Jen Lydon set up a table at the convention on August 2 and distributed copies of the paper to attendees, which were very well received

Overall the campaign drew attention to the conference and the topics being covered.



Patriot Care wanted to get the message out about its new medical marijuana center in Boston. metromedia put together a street marketing operation to distribute Patriot Care’s flyer and create some buzz about the new center among morning commuters.

Date: Monday Sept 26, 2016

Team: 10 brand ambassadors dressed with metro green t-shirts

Locations: Dewey Square, Causeway Street, Copley Square, BU Central and Downtown

The campaign generated amusement, interest and also some strong reactions:

  • ‘We’re from Boulder, we do not need that!’
  • ‘I have a medical card!’
  • ‘I am very upset with this marijuana business’
  • ‘I am not interested but I think it’s great for people who need it.’
  • ‘Who is eligible to get the card?’
  • ‘Can I find the same information from the orientation on the website?’
  • ‘Do I have to involve my primary care doctor to get a card?’