New York State Lottery has been one of the largest and most loyal advertisers in Metro New York since 2005.

Last year, New York State Lottery ran:

5 cover wraps to promote their new scratch off games: Black & Gold and Neon.

  • The Black & Gold print campaign delivered an estimated 1,144,000 adults 18+ residing in New York City or 16.9% of the NYC population. In total, the campaign delivered an estimated 4.5 million impressions.
  • The print Neon campaign delivered an estimated 1,383,300 adults 21+ residing in New York City or 20.4% of the NYC population. In total, the campaign delivered an estimated 27.1 million gross impressions in NYC.

28 front page banners to highlight the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots

10 half pages and 3 full pages.

So far this year, New York State Lottery has booked 4 cover wraps, 4 front page banners and 4 half pages.


Museum of Fine Arts

Date: Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston wanted to get the word out about their new Takashi Murakami exhibit, Lineage of Eccentrics, now on view at the museum. Metro Boston combined the power of an eye-catching cover wrap with a few editorial pieces to create awareness. Read the editorial stories here and here.


BUILD AOL, a live interview series focused on pop culture, wanted to generate buzz and create awareness in NYC. metromedia put together a street marketing operation to distribute the day’s paper featuring cover 1-cover 2 ads for BUILD AOL. Street teams informed morning commuters of the BUILD Series and its various outlets, such as BUILD.aol.com, the BUILD app and BUILD Studio.

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017 and Friday, April 21, 207

Team: 6 brand ambassadors dressed with BUILD AOL t-shirts

Locations: Astor Place, Broadway-Lafayette and 8th Street NYU subway stops in New York City.

The campaign generated excitement, interest and also some strong reactions:

  • “I saw your shirts which drew me over here, those shirts are very nice. They attracted me to ask you guys what BUILD AOL is.”
  • “I believe I passed by the studio the other day! I was wondering why there was such a long line outside the door, now I know I can go there and see celebrity interviews!”
  • “I cannot get enough about celebrity news, AOL BUILD may be the new celebrity source for me, I’ll get the app!”
  • “Nice to see a smiling face on this rainy morning, I’ll check BUILD.Aol.com once I get into the office, thanks for the paper.”
  • “I remember you guys from the other week! I did check out BUILD during my lunch break, it’s interesting.
  • “Compared to other newspaper distributors you guys are great. You have great energy and it makes me interested in whatever you’re so excited to promote. I’ll definitely check out BUILD, the studio is on my way home from work too!”
  • “Thanks for the paper. I can go watch the interviews for free at the studio, right? I’ll have to gather up my friends and try to get a spot some time!”

Results: The cover 1+2 reached an estimated 1,148,000 adults 18+ in New York and delivered an estimated 2,463,532 estimated gross impressions. In addition, the digital metroX campaign delivered 1 million impressions. The total campaign delivered an estimated 3.5 million gross impressions!


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