When Listerine launched their “Study of Bold” ad campaign, they came to Metro to promote it in Boston, New York and Philadelphia.  The campaign is part of an effort to get consumers to see Listerine as a unique brand and its users as outgoing, adventurous people.

The campaign consisted of:

  • Cover wrap in Metro Boston, New York and Philadelphia

Metro demonstrated once again its ability to raise awareness and promote brand-consumer connection.



New York 3/21/2016

Zoned Glossy Cover Wrap


On Friday 24 October, Metro and Vichy took over the streets of Boston for a special promotion:

the NEW Idéalia Life Serum available at your local CVS store. Free gift with purchase today!

The campaign included an outstanding glossy cover wrap and special distribution in over 20 high-traffic locations across Boston. A squad of highly, energetic brand ambassadors outfitted in bright pink T-shirts engaged consumers with a $5.00 coupon, driving foot traffic to the nearby CVS stores.

The campaign was such a success that several CVS stores were running out of New Idealia Life Serum by 10am