Metro worked with TradeStation in the Oculus World Trade Center in New York, to raise awareness and bring in new customers. TradeStation offered free haircuts, shaves, blowouts, and dye jobs using hand promoters stationed around the Oculus handing out coupons.

The marketing campaign consisted of:

  • Hand promoters – promoters outfitted with t-shirts and colorful wigs handed out coupons and copies of the day’s Metro New York to passers-by, inviting them to stop into TradeStation to receive free hair styling.
  • Full page ad – TradeStation ran a full page ad in Metro New York that also promoted free haircuts.
  • Digital ads – TradeStation ran digital ads on promoting free haircuts.

Overall the campaign was a big success! Check out the below testimonials from the client.

“Super fun…And truly thank you for all the support you all gave us to make this event a huge success FYI many, many people singled out seeing the ad in Metro as the reason they came. Super big thanks to everyone involved on your end.” – Margot Vaughan, DiGo Brands

“The Metro brand ambassadors killed it!! After they were done at the subway station they came to the event and helped draw people in handing out metros, taking pictures and encouraged people to join in. They were better than some of our event ambassadors. Really went above and beyond. Thanks for lining this up for us!” -Claudia Mark, DiGo Brands

“Thank you for sending such an apparently wonderful set of ambassadors today and I am sure tomorrow and Thurs. We can’t thank you enough and please thank the folks that went today for us.” -Margot Vaughan, DiGo Brands