Patriot Care wanted to get the message out about its new medical marijuana center in Boston. metromedia put together a street marketing operation to distribute Patriot Care’s flyer and create some buzz about the new center among morning commuters.

Date: Monday Sept 26, 2016

Team: 10 brand ambassadors dressed with metro green t-shirts

Locations: Dewey Square, Causeway Street, Copley Square, BU Central and Downtown

The campaign generated amusement, interest and also some strong reactions:

  • ‘We’re from Boulder, we do not need that!’
  • ‘I have a medical card!’
  • ‘I am very upset with this marijuana business’
  • ‘I am not interested but I think it’s great for people who need it.’
  • ‘Who is eligible to get the card?’
  • ‘Can I find the same information from the orientation on the website?’
  • ‘Do I have to involve my primary care doctor to get a card?’