Introducing metro smartmail dedicated email blasts

Put your business in the spotlight and bring clients through your door with metro smartmail targeted email blasts.

Our newest product offering allows for advanced targeting to reach those customers you’re most interested in.

In addition to our clubmetro offerings, you can now take advantage of of metro smartmail’s virtually unlimited inventory and powerful targeting tools to reach directly the customers you most want.

Check out the video below to see how metro smartmail works.


Check out some examples of campaigns sent by clients already taking advantage of metro smartmail!

FedEx Ground

Boston City Hall Plaza


Lasell College

Frequently Asked Questions

What is metro smartmail?

An extension of clubmetro’s current dedicated email program, which utilizes clubmetro’s own audience, metro smartmail offers a nationwide database of qualified email addresses, with sophisticated targeting to reach the people you are trying to attract.

Where do the email addresses come from? How do you know they’re good quality?

We have invested in data partners who are experts in this field. All addresses are opt-in, and the lists are verified through direct mail databases. Subscriber data is continuously tested and scrubbed for best in class quality.

How many email addresses are available for each DMA?

Utilizing smartmail’s Count System for both B2B and B2C address you can select the filters you wish to use such as geography, deomographic markets, DMA and more, and determine how many addresses are available. For example, the Boston DMA contains approximately 1.8 million emails, New York contains 7 million emails and Philadelphia contains 2.4 million emails.

What are the benefits of metro smartmail?

smartmail allows you to target potential customers in a variety of different ways. Drill down by geographic area, age range, income level, hobbies and interests and more to narrow your list to only those customers you most want to reach. The filtering can be very specific which leads to more positive results. Another important benefit is the ability for a client to keep the list of addresses – both email and postal – of anyone who opens the email. That is a powerful option that is unique to smartmail.

What’s the difference between this and clubmetro dedicated email blasts?

clubmetro has a loyal audience that appreciates and reacts to strong offerings, and that won’t change. This can supplement any campaign and offer targeting that doesn’t exist with clubmetro and other email products on the market.

Why should I run a campaign with metro smartmail?

This is proven to bring positive ROI in a variety of industries, and gives the ability to drill down to your specific target in a way that other media can’t. It is also a great way to grow your internal database of clients and potential clients, in a very cost effective way.



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