Metro New York Debuts New Racks in Partnership With the MTA

Metro New York has unveiled a new plan to distribute the free daily newspaper at 100 MTA subway stations.

Metro New York is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority allowing Metro to be distributed inside subway stations using newly designed racks.

The agreement follows years of discussions initiated by Metro and a successful three-year pilot distribution program at eight MTA stations using 42 racks.

A New Plan to Distribute at 100 MTA Subway Stations

The new distribution program, similar to ones used successfully in London, Stockholm and Hong Kong, will now be expanded to 100 MTA stations with 285 new Metro racks expected to be installed this summer.

“I am excited about our distribution agreement with the MTA, which will bring mutual benefits to both readers and advertisers, as well as the organizations,” said Yggers Mortensen, Metro US CEO.

“A strong partnership with the transportation authority is how Metro was started 20 years ago in Stockholm. Across the world, it has proven to be the most effective way to distribute free dailies in large metropolises and the preferred way for commuters to grab their daily paper. We are glad to finally introduce the model to New York for the benefits of our readers and advertisers alike.”

Reach Transit Riders All Throughout the Day

The new racks will allow readers to pick up copies of Metro throughout the day, so transit riders will now be able to grab a copy for the morning, afternoon and evening commutes. In addition to reaching busy commuters during the morning rush, advertisers in Metro will now have the benefit of reaching them throughout the day, as well as tourists and shoppers.

Each rack is designed to hold up to 700 copies of Metro New York, giving commuters, despite the weather, easy access to one of the best ways to get quickly informed about local and national news in the city.

“This is a great opportunity for our advertisers. Distributing within the transit network is the fastest route to reach our commuter target audience in New York,” said Ed Abrams, Metro New York Associate Publisher.

Hand Promoters Still in Key Locations

It will also allow Metro to increase the use of hand promoters in other key New York City locations, including Herald Square, Lower Manhattan, Port Authority or SOHO, to name a few. “Hand promotion will continue to be a key ingredient in Metro’s distribution,” added Mortensen.

The new racks will start appearing within stations as early as mid-June, and will be expanded throughout the summer months.


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