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This week: social media as news sources; changes coming to Twitter; viewing video on Facebook in silence; Time revenue on the upswing.

Social Media Finds New Role as News and Entertainment Curator

John Herrman | The New York Times

After Facebook was accused of suppressing conservative leaning news stories from its Trending Topics, social media sites acting as news sources was brought into the spotlight.

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Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit

Sarah Frier | Bloomberg News

The social networking site will soon stop including pictures and URLs in its 140-character limit for messages, though the company has not made any announcements as of yet.

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85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound

Sahill Patel | Digiday

Despite garnering more than 8 billion views per day, the vast majority of viewers watch video content in silence.

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How Time reversed 10 years of revenue declines

Lucia Moses | Digiday

With a 4% increase in print revenue and 36% increase in digital revenue, executives share the measures they took to turn things around.

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