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 A weekly roundup of media news that we think is worth knowing about.

This week: the truth about print that your competition doesn’t want you to know; ad blocking software becoming more popular; online quizzes help increase audience engagement and revenue.

The Truth About Print (That Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know)

Jenna Bruce | Mediaspace Solutions

Print is effective at getting through to audiences because it forces people to be fully engaged as opposed to multi-tasking and focusing on multiple digital screens.

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AdBlock Plus closes in on a billion downloads

Sarah Perez | TechCrunch

Ad blocking software, which allows consumers to avoid being subjected to online advertising on both desktop and mobile platforms, has been steadily increasing in popularity. AdBlock Plus, made by Eyeo, has been downloaded close to a billion times and is currently installed on more than 100 million active devices.

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Online Quizzes Engage and Inform Audiences While Bringing in Revenue

Andrea Young | Editor & Publisher

With the popularity of online quizzes on sites like BuzzFeed and Facebook, newspapers are jumping on the bandwagon and discovering such quizzes can be good sources of revenue and readership data.

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