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This week: Google is still the king of the search ad market; Yahoo leaves behind a big legacy; sponsored content grows in popularity; newsletter editors gain importance in newsrooms.

Google Still Dominates the World Search Ad Market

Google’s ad revenues represent 30.9% of the total worldwide digital ad market.


Despite missteps, Yahoo also leaves behind a big legacy

Lucia Moses | Digiday

It’s easy to forget that Yahoo pioneered a lot of things in online advertising, like display ads, video, native and more.


How Sponsored Content Is Becoming King in a Facebook World

John Herrman | The New York Times

As the relationship between publishers and social platforms grows closer, and more forms of advertising are devalued by ad-blocking software, the role of sponsored content has shifted.


Newsletter editors are the new important person in newsrooms

Lucia Moses | Digiday

The popularity of email newsletters is giving rise to a new specialty at publishers: the newsletter editor.




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