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A weekly roundup of media news that we think is worth knowing about.

This week: email newsletters combat inaccurate open rates; newspaper advertising increases campaign effectiveness; fighting the perception that print is dying; how publishers get new value from old content.

Email Newsletters Hit a Speed Bump: Inaccurate Open Rates

Jeremy Barr | Advertising Age

Email newsletters are hot, but the way different email marketing platforms determine if an email is opened can have a big impact on open rates.


Study reveals advertising with newspapers triples ad campaign effectiveness

Jessica Goodfellow | The Drum

A new ROI study, conducted by effectiveness consultancy Benchmarketing for Newsworks, shows that newspapers increase overall campaign effectiveness.


Critical Thinking: How Can Publishers Change the Perception That Print is Dying?

Adreana Young | Editor & Publisher

Despite popular belief, the newspaper industry is still going strong.


How publishers wring new value from old content

Lucia Moses | Digiday

Modern publishing is as much about creating new, fresh content as it is about re-purposing existing content.




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