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This week: FCC proposes keeping U.S. media ownership rules as they are; Facebook once again updates its algorithm; what media companies don’t want you to know about ad blockers.

FCC chair proposes retaining most U.S. media ownership rules

David Shepardson | Reuters

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed keeping in place most rules that limit cross ownership of newspapers, radio and TV stations in the same market.


The winners and losers of Facebook’s news feed change

Lucia Moses | Digiday

Facebook once again updated its algorithm to favor posts from family and friends, which spells bad news for publishers dependent on Facebook traffic for their audience.


What media companies don’t want you to know about ad blockers

Trevor Timm | CJR

As publishers increasingly fight against the rising use of ad blockers, they focus only on the drawbacks leaving a big part of the story untold.



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