MAD MAN’s Metro

After Lady Gaga, Richard Branson and Mark Ruffalo, “Mad Men” creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner took over Metro for a day.

The ‘Mad Men’ creator finally revealed what the jumping man in the opening credits really means in an exclusive interview with Metro.

On Metro and deciding to be Guest Editor

Honestly, I love this paper. I love the idea of a newspaper. If you’re lucky enough to do something where you become part of people’s lives, this is where you want to be. You want to be in their hands on their way to work. When I lived in New York and I was working on “The Sopranos,” I took the train to work every day. Metro was a big part of my life. Guest-editing sounded like a fun thing to do.

On Newspapers

It’s counter-intuitive to suggest that something like this would disappear, I think people like the tactile sense of having a newspaper. Anyone who threw out their records knew they made a mistake when the turntables started coming back. I think human beings like to have something to carry around.

On Pay Equality

It is very short-sighted to not pay people the same amount. I love that the show has been part of this conversation. But the questions have not changed at all. Everyone who is a woman still has to ask, ‘Can I have it all?’

On how ‘Mad Men changed the advertising industry?

One way that ‘Mad Men’ has changed the advertising business: I’ve heard that clients started demanding a presentation that had emotion and substance. They want to be sold. And that mad me happy, because they are entitled to it. They don’t want someone to throw open a binder with a bunch of numbers on it.

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