Get to Know Metro: Eva Kis

Many of the region’s most talented publishers, marketing directors, writers and editors work for Metro. Here is just one of the many members of the Metro family: Eva Kis, Metro NYC Going Out Editor.


How do you stay on top of all the places to go and things to do in a city as big and vibrant as New York City?

I read a lot, am on Instagram and Twitter all day to catch trends that are going viral, and constantly stay in touch with my sources by not just waiting for them to pitch me, but pitching them ideas to see if they have new clients, a chef they know is working on a new menu, etc. And I’m out for a work-related event at least three nights a week — you have to see what people are doing, what’s popular, find unannounced projects while walking toward current ones. NYC changes so fast that keeping up is almost impossible, but I try!

There are so many different demographics in New York City. Is there a particular audience Metro’s Going Out section in New York City targets? 

I definitely try to keep up with the people setting and following trends, which means younger people under 40. They’re the ones standing in line for Rainbow Bagels, posting selfies with the public art in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and going to cutting-edge events like the recent all-naked production of The Tempest in Central Park. New York is about trying out new ideas, and this demographic is open to them, seeks them out and celebrates them.

What’s changed about the New York scene since you started the beat?

Trends change so fast, every season has its own. So the job is constantly about not just letting people know where to find the current hot food, but pointing them to where they should be seeking out the next trend. I do think that viral foods are now a goal of many restaurants, so people are trying some wacky ideas, and the trend in dining is shifting away from fine dining to fast-casual.

How has reporting about events changed during this era of Internet, Facebook and Twitter? 

There are so many more sources of news, from Instagram influencers to Facebook communities and a single well-written tweet deciding the conversation of the day. You have to seek out these people and keep up with them in the way that it was considered essential to read the New York Times. It means reaching out to people in new ways, and keeping up a social media presence that makes them want to interact with you, too. So they’re vetting you almost as much as you’re vetting them. Everyone has to come to impress.

What makes Metro a good place to go for planning my week and weekend?

Because our print space is at such a premium, I only write about the things that I’m personally passionate about. If it’s not fascinating, provocative or beautiful, it doesn’t end up in the pages of Metro. I see my job as pointing people toward things that are exciting to me, too, while still casting a wide net that includes the worlds of food, drink theater, culture, art, comedy and more. We live in the greatest city in the world, where there’s always something trend-setting happening, and it’s my job to find it for our readers.

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