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Get to Know Metro: Brian Cox

Many of the region’s most talented publishers, marketing directors, writers and editors work for Metro. Here is just one of the many members of the Metro family: Brian Cox, Metro Boston’s new Associate Publisher.

Born and raised in the Boston Market, Brian spent his entire career in the city.

He started at the Boston Herald in 1999, working his way up from the recruitment call center to the Vice President of Advertising, with stops along the way selling Retail and National accounts, both in print and digital. A graduate of UMASS Amherst, Brian is married to Jessica Cox,  and has two children, Gracie, 7, and James, 3. A rabid sports fan, craft beer fan, foodie and cook, Brian lives in Framingham.

We caught up with him for a fast interview.


You’ve been at Metro for a month now, what are you first impressions?

Having now been here for 30 days, I can say that I am impressed with Metro as an organization. There is an element of entrepreneurial spirit here that is refreshing. Such a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere on the content, marketing and sales sides of things, that I think translates into big advantages to our advertising clients. The ability to be nimble and different in a media landscape that is so cookie cutter at times is a difference maker and a key distinguishing characteristic for Metro.

I have also been surprised and impressed by the sophistication of data and research at Metro. Passing this along to advertisers by building campaigns that are well thought out and destined to be successful gives us a great model and a leg up on our competitors.

I am lucky to work with a solid group of dedicated and hard-working professionals. The effort and true passion for the business and the brand are so important and contagious. It makes for a great work environment and overall energy.

How is Metro different from all the local and national newspapers and websites out there?

Metro adds an element of fun to a readers day that is lacking in some of the local competition.

What can Metro do to promote business here in Boston?

Results for the advertiser are of the utmost importance.  The distribution, content and print quality of the Metro guarantee that an advertisers message will be positioned for success.

How is Metro meeting the needs of readers?

What attracted me to Metro was the focus on the reader.  We cater to a captive commuter audience of young, creative and innovative Bostonians.  In a cluttered media landscape it is satisfying to see Bostonians engaging with the product as part of their daily routine — in print and online.

With all this emphasis on multimedia advertising, why is print still important?

Print advertising still outperforms most other media!

Why do I need to advertise online?

A diverse media mix will always show better results.  With so many consumers online, both on desktop and mobile devices, it is important to have a presence there.

Where do you see Metro and advertising going in the future?

New platforms and products will help Metro continue to grow.  From email marketing, a deals platform, innovative mobile offerings, out of home and event opportunities, Metro is poised to become a one stop shop for marketers.

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