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Elevate Your Campaign with Branded Content

Let Metro curate a content marketing campaign to increase brand awareness, promote your company or product and generate buzz! 

Branded content takes advertising another step further by creating interesting content to engage targeted customers.

There’s a lot of talk these days about “branded content”, but what exactly is it? According to MarketTrack, “branded content is any form of advertising that uses “content” – typically articles, videos, infographics both on websites and social media – to support, represent or promote aproduct or service”. Unlike traditional advertising, the aim of branded content isn’t to directly promote a product but to inform or entertain the audience, while also telling them about a product or service. Therein lies the appeal: customers want to make their own choices and not feel pressured or swayed by “interruptive advertising”. Branded content allows them to learn about a product in an interesting and entertaining way. They feel a connection with the idea and that can lead to a desire to make a purchasing decision or develop an affinity for a brand.  

What makes branded content so effective? When done well, branded content is something consumers actually want to interact with. A well excuted content campaign will engage consumers while informing them. If an advertiser is lucky, their content can go viral, drawing even more attention to the campaign. Finally, branded content is a perfect complement to a display campaign. According to Mediative, “while banner ads, native advertising and splashy page takeovers still remain effective from a branding perspective, the more journalistic nature of content integrated advertising is welcomed by most. When a large branding effort is blended with properly targeted branded content, it is a recipe for advertiser messaging success. Display is the messaging vehicle. Content marketing has a more organic feel that is accepted by a large majority of the population”. As noted by Forbes, “branded content is the future”.

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Aruba Aruba

Metro can help craft a branded content campaign that gets results! Our writers can create feature articles based on your specifications and goals to run in print, online and social media. We can feature your print ad opposite this content in paper. We also offer sponsorships of our weekly sections to increase awareness, such as Travel or Going Out. Take a look at our case studies to go more in-depth with the above examples: Aruba, Visit Florida, Polish Cultural Institute, Northern Ireland

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