Metro launches Online Education Guide

For the past 10 years, Metro readers have been relying on our printed monthly Education Guides to scout opportunities and trends in education.

Today, Metro introduces the online version of its monthly Education Guides.  In addition to the monthly print publication, your advertorial will now be featured online all month long as an article on The new package is designed to increase the reach and impact of your campaign.

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Welcome to metromedia

Welcome to metromedia blog!

Today, Metro is more than your free daily commuter paper. We offer a wide range of marketing solutions across multiple platforms. We deliver  the touchpoints based on budget and needs.

That’s why we are proud to present:

From non-traditional print ad to street marketing, geo-targeted magazine to tailored online solutions, we are are experts and we design multi-platform solutions tailored to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your stores.

But enough talk about marketing, let’s talk about business.